Inspiration – Rambling Rose

Have you got your Rambling Rose yet?  Purchase this awesome collection here!

See more of this beautiful layout by Alicia Redshaw at her Blog.

Pre-Order – Cocoa Vanilla Studio – Wild at Heart

We have the new Cocoa Vanilla Studio arriving instore next week and you can secure your goodies now by Pre-Order at our online store: here!

(Loose papers and vellum only available instore – not online)

PRE-ORDER – April Kaisercraft Collection Kits – Special Offer

We have two awesome new Kaisercraft ranges coming our way in April and to celebrate we are offering the full collections for the super low price of $40 each ——>here!

Indigo Skies

PRE-ORDER – Kaisercraft Indigo Skies Full Collection Kit – Special Offer

Collection contains:
9 x Double-sided patterned papers (Chambray, Shibori, Storm, Washed Out, Misty, Midnight, Windswept, Blue Moon, Breeze) – $1.59 each
1 x Specialty diecut & silver foiled patterned paper (Choose Happiness) – $1.99 each
1 x 6.5″x6.5″ paper pad – $10.99 each
1 x Sticker sheet – $4.50 each
1 x Clear stamp set – $8.49 each
1 x Collectables pack – $6.99 each
Total Value – $47.27

High Tea

PRE-ORDER – Kaisercraft High Tea Full Collection Kit – Special Offer

Collection contains:
9 x Double-sided patterned papers (Devonshire, Biscuit, Tea Leaves, Tea Time, Afternoon Tea, Shortcake, Cuppa, Cup & Saucer, Scones) – $1.59 each
1 x Specialty embossed paper (Floral Wallpaper) – $1.99 each
1 x 6.5″x6.5″ paper pad – $10.99 each
1 x Sticker sheet – $4.50 each
1 x Clear stamp set – $8.49 each
1 x Collectables pack – $6.99 each
Total Value – $47.27

*Please note that we do not substitute papers from the Kaisercraft Paper Pack for this special offer, the papers are the real deal*

Arrivals – Lots of Goodies

We have been receiving lots of goodies at Scrapbook Fantasies, perfect for your next creative project or Christmas gift giving – or even to add to your Christmas Wishlist!

Cutting Dies from Couture Creations NEW Collections

co724820 co724717 co724718 co724719 co724720 co724721 co724722 co724723 co724724 co724725 co724726 co724727 co724728 co724729 co724757 co724758 co724759 co724760 co724762 co724819 ult157688 ult157694 dd404 dd566 ult157683


0012425_double-sided-tape-6mm 0012430_foam-tape-acid-free-2mm-x-12mm

Cocoa Vanilla Studio

 cv-mw001a cv-mw002a cv-mw003a cv-mw004a cv-mw005a cv-mw006a

Other Goodies

00406e2b_medium  0004754_delicata_ink_pad_golden_glitz_300 0015464_x-press-it-deco-tape-glitter-10-rolls    dd941

Arrivals – New Cocoa Vanilla Studio – Endless Summer

We have the new Cocoa Vanilla Studio Endless Summer Collection in stock now, and it is selling like hotcakes……


cv-es013 cv-es014 cv-es015 cv-es016 cv-es001a cv-es002a cv-es003a cv-es004a cv-es005a cv-es006b cv-es007a cv-es007b cv-es008 cv-es009 cv-es010 cv-es011 cv-es012

Arrivals – NEW Cardstock

We have had a massive order of Cardstock arrive today, and the colours are awesome – all 89 of them…..

ult200087 ult200001 ult200002 ult200003 ult200004 ult200005 ult200006 ult200007 ult200008 ult200009 ult200010 ult200011 ult200012 ult200013 ult200014 ult200015 ult200016 ult200017 ult200018 ult200019 ult200020 ult200021 ult200022 ult200023 ult200024 ult200025 ult200026 ult200027 ult200028 ult200029 ult200030 ult200031 ult200032 ult200033 ult200034 ult200035 ult200036 ult200037 ult200038 ult200039 ult200040 ult200041 ult200042 ult200043 ult200044 ult200045 ult200046 ult200047 ult200048 ult200049 ult200050 ult200051 ult200052 ult200053 ult200054 ult200055 ult200056 ult200057 ult200058 ult200059 ult200060 ult200061 ult200062 ult200063 ult200064 ult200065 ult200066 ult200067 ult200068 ult200069 ult200070 ult200071 ult200072 ult200073 ult200074 ult200075 ult200076 ult200077 ult200078 ult200079 ult200080 ult200081 ult200082 ult200083 ult200084 ult200085 ult200086

Arrivals – Lots of Goodies

This Arrivals post is loaded with lots of Goodies for anyone who creates – whether it is Cardmaking, Scrapbooking, Home Decor, Art or Craft…..

NEW Darkroom Door Stamps

ddcs030-collagestamp-steampunksquares ddcs029-collagestamp-seasidesquares ddcs028-collagestamp-travelsquares ddcs027-collagestamp-artyhexagons ddcs026-collagestamp-artytriangles ddcs025-collagestamp-artycircles ddbr006-borderstamp-numbers ddbr005-borderstamp-star ddbr004-borderstamp-artstudio ddbr003-borderstamp-bunting ddbr002-borderstamp-butterflygarden ddbr001-borderstamp-filmstrip

Stamping Blocks

ddsb007-stampingblock-315x65x10ddsb006_stampingblock_160x115 ddsb004_stampingblock_130x100 ddsb003_stampingblock_130x65 ddsb002_stampingblock_100x75 ddsb001_stampingblock_50x50


rpp43089_rangerpigmentinkpad_glacierwhite rpp43065_rangerpigmentinkpad_blacktie aip52531-archivalinkpad-vividchartreuse aip52524-archivalinkpad-vibrantfuchsia aip52517-archivalinkpad-shadowgrey aip52500-archivalinkpad-paradiseteal aip52494-archivalinkpad-majesticviolet aip52487-archivalinkpad-brighttangelo

Art Journals

dyj45557_dylusionssquarejournal_black8x8 dyj38429_dylusionssquarejournal_media8x8 dyj34117_dylusionscreativejournalsmall-1 dyj34100_dylusionscreativejournallarge dyj34100_dylusionscreativejournallarge-1

Paints & Mediums

pd_thb_cs11238 pd_thb_cs11236 pd_thb_36306 pd_thb_34154 pd_thb_34151 pd_thb_34150


kraft glitter-cardstock-wine-red glitter-cardstock-white glitter-cardstock-silver glitter-cardstock-olive-green glitter-cardstock-gold glitter-cardstock-french-red glitter-cardstock-black emerarld-dot turquoise_glitter

Colouring Pages

colouring-pack8 colouring-pack7 colouring-pack6 colouring-pack5 colouring-pack4 colouring-pack3 colouring-pack2 colouring-pack1

Other Creative Goodies

018931-jpg 8157385 c6-clear-bags-100_1024x1024 cnd14607_cutndrystamppad_foam ddst001_storagecase epj37453_embossingpowder_tinselsnowflake epj37460-embossingpowder-blacksparkle pd_27206_2 pd_30950_1 tda42013_distressinkpadmini_storagetin tda49425_distressmarkerstoragetin

Arrivals – NEW Kaisercraft

We have had ten (10) cartons of awesome stock arrive from Kaisercraft and we couldn’t wait to share with you what was inside…..

Cutting Dies

dd785 dd163 dd164 dd405 dd406 dd407 dd408 dd409 dd410 dd411 dd412 dd413 dd570 dd571 dd572 dd573 dd574 dd575 dd576 dd577 dd784

Peek-a-Boo Collection


p2194 p2195 p2187 p2188 p2189 p2190 p2191 p2192 p2193 pp1008 pk546 pk545 ps469 ps468 VintageBaby_StickerSheet_1 VintageBaby_StickerSheet_2 ct868 VintageBaby_Stamps ct867

Party Time Collection


p2204 p2196 p2197 p2198 p2199 p2200 p2201 p2202 p2203 PartyTime_ClearStamp ct869 pk547 pp1009 PartyTime_Glossvarnish_cs2 PartyTime_Diecut_cs2 ss326


it920 it921

Colouring Pencil Sets (top-up)


Restock of Christmas Wishes Paper Pads


Foil Cardstock – only $1.50 per sheet

fc201fc214 fc215 fc202 fc203 fc204 fc205 fc206 fc207 fc208 fc209 fc210 fc211 fc212 fc213

Stamp & Die Sets

dd944 dd942 dd943

Off the Page Goodies

sb2451 sb2452 sb2453 sb2448 sb2449 sb2450


sa261 sa260

Arrivals – Arrivals – Arrivals

Do we have some stock to share here today….yes a lot has been happening and we have had a lot of stock arriving.  You will notice a lot of items are essentials, as well as many lovely creative extras.

ScrapFX Chipboard

72f2c69b4a0cc61d0d60c59c45d2ca0a-image-200x105 0f0c845e4f89ff493e8d60452fa872f4-image-200x158 01f9d0fe731878cfcb979a471a6bfd80-image-155x200 1f1574ab90812537448455b3204df226-image-200x92 4a40ea8ccc78a9373b272776df045030-image-157x200 5d2d89a6ec20996c8d78a252f8765ea9-image-197x200 06cb549f652b92d0ea3829acb93631b2-image-200x135 8aa3ca1b8661fbed187af9c94a9b2daa-image-200x136 9e960f03fb186753737ab3aedfddf5f2-image-200x111 20e89f694be5750ff56e644a95f14e37-image-200x119 22dd1ce54dbd04ce445a5ebaea53b3e0-image-200x71 34ae542dfc7c0258c7ff47bc4cd874bc-image-200x74 045f33477dd54a9368efc9c569d89a8f-image-200x71 50th 55fd5c5b34a0216ccea768a6378e57da-image-200x43 4388385f2653d7d01dfa288e651d0b31-image-200x73 a4f99c4ec87400efdcae0bcf756364f7-image-200x101 95792f8cf69508be81f336b2a09a9cb9-image-200x68 cdb6e4e574ac960c54a20adb111374a7-image-166x200 b724d0910e0a107a20297d2a7d1af095-image-200x76 baby-love-tp birthday-a little-helper micro-cogs ostrich-feathers pride-and-joy relatives sentiment-nibs spirit-phrase stem-spirals d3a7b67c6b85414fe3d26816489de023-image-200x76 d900e08ab64ebc7480b193cc55190e21-image-200x110 ed7f3ffaa31dd036ea6649b70d710241-image-200x60 ef196b2b1d1ac405f08fab02eb35769e-image-200x166 f4f155ff0a70cc41682494be90476fc4-image-136x200 f8c43554660463b8bd7b441bc3900ac4-image-200x94 febed2eab2d5f6e18cb074a033c49062-image-129x200 frame-flourish horse-medallion wtp-school thank-heaven-for-boys thank-heaven-for-girls

Ranger & Tim Holtz

aip31468_jetblack bra09887_brayermedium epj37392_embossingpowder_superfineblack epj37569-embossingpowder-antiquitiesverdigris epj37576-embossingpowder-antiquitiesfrostedcrystal gac17042_glossyaccents_68ml gac27898_glossyaccentsmini_18ml ink47407_paletteknives iwt27379_wondertape_oneeigth iwt27386_wondertape_onefourth tts00370_tonicdistresser tts00817_tonicscissors

Tools & Adhesives

frh-f_aquash 0003016_brush_flat_bright_chunking_6 0003073_brush_aqua_liner_0 0012419_double-sided-tape-12mm 0012420_double-sided-tape-18mm 0012423_double-sided-tape-3mm 0012425_double-sided-tape-6mm 0012428_foam-tape-acid-free-high-tack-2mm-x-6mm 0012430_foam-tape-acid-free-2mm-x-12mm 0012431_foam-tape-acid-free-2mm-x-18mm 0000662604 co723608 co724957 co724826


dce13 dce13-backing-card-mockup ape53_merry_bright ape53_small_1 asc100_number_die_covermount asc100_page_01_small

Cutting Dies

co724823 co724813 co724814 co724817 co724818 co724819 co724820 co724821 ult157321 ult157328 ult157467 ult157471 ult157472 ult157479 ult157688

Embossing Folders

ult157681 ult157624 ult157625 ult157626 ult157627

Embossing Powders

epj37569-embossingpowder-antiquitiesverdigris epj37576-embossingpowder-antiquitiesfrostedcrystal epj37392_embossingpowder_superfineblack

Mixed Media Mediums

co724868 co724869 co724870 co724871 co724867

Other Creative Goodies

ult157656 ult157657 ult157658 0015464_x-press-it-deco-tape-glitter-10-rolls 0017462_x-press-it-deco-tape-foil-10-rolls 0017641_x-press-it-blending-card-pad-20-sht-a3 0017642_x-press-it-blending-card-pad-20-sht-a4 co724912 co724921 ddrs143_stamps_happybirthday ult157610 ult157611 ult157628 ult157629 ult157630 ult157639 ult157640 ult157655

Arrivals – Artist Colouring Pencils

Kaisercraft have released their newest exciting product – Artist Colouring Pencils.  And we have them instore as individual pencils and in sets – and the sets are in our online store too ——->here!

cl901 cl902 cl903cl904

cl847 cl848 cl801 cl802 cl803 cl804 cl805 cl806 cl807 cl808 cl809 cl810 cl811 cl812 cl813 cl814 cl815 cl816 cl817 cl818 cl819 cl820 cl821 cl822 cl823 cl824 cl825 cl826 cl827 cl828 cl829 cl830 cl831 cl832 cl833 cl834 cl835 cl836 cl837 cl838 cl839 cl840 cl841 cl842 cl843 cl844 cl845 cl846

Arrivals – NEW Couture Creations

We have a lot of awesome new and restocked products from Couture Creations, who are an Australian brand creating a variety of products to meet the needs of Scrapbookers, Cardmakers, Mixed Media Artists and Crafters.

Wild & Free Collection

co724822 co724823 co724850 co724851 co724852 co724904 co724804 co724805 co724806-1  co724807 co724808 co724809 co724810 co724811 co724812 co724813 co724814 co724815 co724816 co724817 co724818 co724819 co724820 co724821

Card & Envelope Sets

co724845 co724846 co724847 co724848 co724849 co723893 co723931

Be Merry Collection

co724956 co724911 co724912 co724913 co724914 co724915 co724916 co724917 co724918 co724919 co724920 co724921 co724922 co724923 co724924 co724925 co724926 co724927 co724928 co724929 co724930 co724931 co724932 co724933 co724934 co724935

Be Merry Cutting Dies

co724944 co724945 co724946 co724948 co724949 co724950 co724951 co724952 co724953 co724954 co724955 co724936 co724937 co724938